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5  gypsy_jin posted on Nov 22, 2004
Whoa... umm. Really good story. For a story called "Honey, don't think" It really makes you think anyway... Just wow. Good story.
4  Gina posted on Nov 20, 2004
Great story. While I like Riley, (for the most part) his relationship with Buffy spoiled him and turned him into something un-wholesome. (Not that the Initiative was all "hearts and flowers", mind you) Buffy's struggle with her calling affected so many of her relationships and it always frustrated me that she resisted her attraction to Spike and her darker half. Your tale pointed a big glaring spotlight on the problems between Buffy and Riley, though neither was willing to look too closely. After her only real human relationship failed so miserably, and for the reasons that she finally admitted to, it was surprising that she continued to strive for "normal."
3  Monte Cristo posted on Jul 16, 2004
Whew!!! Man that story really jerked at my emotions, and the best part was I liked it. It totally potrayed Riley and Buffy in a way I haven't seen before but always knew was there. You think maybe you could continue?
2  spuffy4evr posted on Oct 7, 2003
I cmpletely agree with the first commenter, why has no one else commented on this. I like this kind of writing. Even though it's sad, it makes you, feel something deeply. And isn't that the point of, everything?
1  alyssa posted on Jun 24, 2003
i cant believe no one else has commented on this. it was brilliant. youve got a gift for words that's rare in fan fics (usually its pretty to the point: they met, they fucked). it was sad but i liked it.

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