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10  costumer posted on Jul 28, 2006 | -
talk about real conecting.
thats what spike and buffy really are.
Beyound Connecting
9  Tasha posted on Jun 24, 2005
That was so charming & beautiful, I absolutely loved it. :)
8  Katrina Rayne posted on Jan 19, 2004
This story was gorgeus.Wow, the was honestly the best romantic story I have every read.It was so moving and gentle.You have a gift for writing, honor it.
7  spuffy4evr posted on Sep 27, 2003
This is a gem that it beautiful and should be savored. aEvery time I read it, I can't help, but to read it again.
6  Sali posted on Jul 21, 2003
So so made me cry.
5  Dee posted on Jul 8, 2003
I'm making my way through all of your stories and this one was sooo beautiful! I can't help but think you've spent more time burning the image of James Marsters into your mind than I have! He is so beautiful and your descriptions are right on! Keep up the amazing work!
4  JoJO posted on Jun 17, 2003
Never read this one before tonight. What a nice surprise! Sometimes you read something, and you think, "That's the way it should be." Well, that's the way they should be. Now that the journey's come to a logical, if tragic end, I rely on fanfic. So, please, keep it comin'! It's stories like this one that make me want to write something myself. Of course, I can't imagine it every being this good...You have real talent.
Tx again.
3  Tal posted on Feb 10, 2003 | -
Loved this fic, poetic, beautiful, haunting and sad
Brill please write more you have a gift
2  Meltha posted on Nov 10, 2002 | Alas, I am too techno-Amish
The poetry of the words you used was really quite remarkable. I particularly liked your characterization of Spike: the gentle human beneath the surface who has always been there. Sadly, placing the scene in season 5 is probably the only way to achieve this sort of honesty and caring coming from both of them in the relationship, as this version of Buffy, unfortunately, seems to exist only in fanfiction now. I loved the claiming of the back and the belly, as well. In the whole thing, there was only one line that didn't quite ring true; I'm not sure she would have mentioned the jacket and scar at that moment simply because they were signs that he'd killed two previous Slayers. On the other hand, the "we're so beautiful that the angels themselves have become voyeurs" line was absolutely perfect. I greatly enjoyed it.
1  bratgirl404 posted on Oct 25, 2002
GREAT! AWESOME! i loved that story ! plz plz make a sequel it was soooo good.

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