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7  Steph posted on Jul 27, 2005 | _crypt
LOVE your way with words i have to say its like no other fic ive read and i want to read more of this amazing fic :D
6  Spike's bitch posted on Mar 1, 2005
Your way with words are fantastic. As always, I might add.
5  Bix posted on Feb 8, 2005
He never knew despair until he kissed her and she never understood suicide until she kissed him back.

This is just such a beautiful sentence that it deserves a review for itself!
4  Sistersoul posted on Nov 30, 2004
You are very talented, my dear, really.
I enjoyed this and will be checking out more of your stuff.
3  Gisme posted on Feb 23, 2004
this was extraordinary poetry. really amazing.
2  SunnyD posted on Nov 26, 2003
great choice of lyrical accompaniment - ectasy and despair - wow
1  linda posted on Nov 22, 2003
Sad but good. thank you for taking the time.

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