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9  Shadowhawke posted on Jul 9, 2007
Hey! I thought this short fic was really, really well done. It got into Buffy's head in such a wonderfully unique way, I really loved it. Thanks!
8  Mary posted on Apr 23, 2006
Very good story of what could have happened if Joss hadn't been so hell bent to separate those two. Joss said that Spike and Buffy were no good for each other and he wanted to make a point that passion never last and leads to bad things and not ended in love, I disagree passion can lead to love, it's rare but it happens sometimes.
7  Jessi posted on Oct 12, 2005
Absolutely beautiful; that is probably the best fic i've ever read...very sweet and touching and yet real and finally buffy showing some appreciation for what he went through...the little kiss on the show was this story!!!
6  ~ Lynne C. ~ posted on Apr 1, 2005 |
"Not even Riley, and never Angel. Only Spike could ever be happy with me" ~ it's a very profound yet simple observation. The difference in Buffy's men encapsulated right there. A terrific story altogether; heaven knows I was falling for him by the end (not that it takes a lot, being as I'm a Spike rooter as it is)!!

5  hesadevil posted on Oct 15, 2003
Read this when it was first posted. Just re-visited and it's as fresh and beautiful as the first time round. This indeed was what SHOULD have taken place just after Intervention. (started watching BtVS and Spike with this ep.)
4  kookie315 posted on Jun 15, 2003 |
I loved that story. Best part: was when Buff was thinking of putting a paper bag on Spike's head. That was just the best!
3  Cindi posted on Mar 17, 2003
I was so disappointed when this ended. I really enjoyed the story, thank you.
2  Kamla posted on Feb 13, 2003
what a great story. i love stories where there no demon out to getcha, where the only bad guy is spike and oh goodness he's trying.....
1  dutchbuffy2305 posted on Sep 25, 2002
what a sweet could-have-been...

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