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10  Ayrin posted on May 29, 2006
Yay, this is hilarious!! Wonderful story, I sincerely hope it exists in a finished state somewhere... :-)
9  Tasha posted on Jun 21, 2005
Awesome, you rock... dude. lol. :)
8  Sharlemaine posted on Apr 15, 2005
Really good. Fulfilling in the way so many of us would have liked to have seen season 7 play out. It looks like it's been a long time since you've worked on this series, but I still hold out hope that you'll pick it up again one day. Thanks for the good writing, MintWitch!
7  Frankie posted on Apr 2, 2005
I am totally obsessed with these! Write more, please, and fill it with Spuffy romance and love!
6  Trudy posted on Jan 20, 2004
Great story. I love the way you've worked with the personalities of the characters. Write more please.
5  SpikeMe_NYC posted on Jan 9, 2003

Lovely story pet!

Can't wait for the next chapter!
4  SAB posted on Dec 5, 2002
Extremely funny fict with enough 'bone' to chew on and make it enjoyable. please post more soon.
3  weevil posted on Dec 3, 2002
oooh, more please? i just found this today and giggled my way through the last hour. i love the scooby-conversational tone of the writing.

2  Witchiepoo posted on Nov 3, 2002
Okay, looks like I'm the only one reviewing, but I just read Ch. 12 and snorted through the Spike part. The hippie vampires, the squatters, and Clem was too funny. All Spike wanted to do was sleep, but no, he's got Woodstock camped out in his crypt w/ a RV parked out front. I could just see Spike, trying to be cool and aloof w/ that giant thing staring at him.

Buffy's conversation w/ Xander, and Xander realizing the importance of Buffy crying/breakign down to Spike. Yep, that's a big one. Loved it all. Keep up the good work.
1  Witchiepoo posted on Nov 1, 2002
An update. Whoo hoo!! I love this story. It's got everything. Angst, sex, humor. That first chapter w/ the chain. Well, that was too much, and then it only got better. The last chapter when Buffy wanted to have The Talk, and Spike joked to Dawn about how women could bold, capitalize, and italicize words was true. I'm babbling, but seeing this updated was a pleasant surprise.

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