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23  Wintermute posted on Apr 7, 2005
Ooohh, this story is marvellous! I really loved all and everything about it, characterisation (Spike, Dawn, Anya and Giles in particular), plot, setting dialogues... I dearly hope it will be continued, someday...?
22  Milly posted on Dec 5, 2004
I really loved this story. It would seem that it has been a while since you last updated, but I hope you will again soon. I am really keen to see how this turns out.
21  spatch posted on Apr 25, 2004
I know you're probably hesitant to add more since the series is over, but I really encourage you to do so (if you find the time). This is a WONDERFUL story and I really hope to see you conclude it the way you would have had you not known the way Buffy (and now Angel) would end. Please consider it - I'm sure the rest of this story would be greatly appreciated by all who have read it. (Don't believe me? Look at the 20 comments below mine...)
20  tialuv posted on Dec 31, 2003
What a great story. It has everything in it. I love how Anya's portrayed, it sounds just like Anya. Everyone has a part in the story.
Spike is so heroic, so unselfish, so unloved. Makes me sad. Even Giles, whom he is helping, hates him. Buffy is still blind.
Can't wait to find out what happens.
19  Azzy posted on Oct 7, 2003
I'm enjoying the story and would love to see more with your interesting twist on William. Good work!
18  raven posted on Oct 6, 2003
I'm spending my morning reading this. It's gone a long way in making this Monday bearable. Very good.
17  Rashaka posted on Oct 6, 2003 |
I have been waiting for this FOR PRACTICALLY EVER! I'm so so glad you updated. I'm jazzed; I'm hyped; I'm postively delighted. And what an update! Plot advancement, character advancement, conspiracies revealed, Giles is a rotten thief and yet _another_ unfairly cool (meaning colorful and believable) original character. I hope you've gotten your groove back with this story, and the next update will be soon again!
16  Becky posted on Jul 26, 2003
Oh please update soon!!! This story ROCKS but as Jen said, the WIP-ness is driving us crazy!!!! We need an ending, what happened. You have to let us read about what happened. Please?????????

And btw, I loved how you made William a vicar. Kinda stark contrast to vampire, and I think it highlights the point that Spike was never the usual run of the mill vampire. Nice touch. :)
15  Jen posted on Jul 3, 2003
I love this story but the WIP-ness is driving me crazy. I remember reading this story last summer. Please continue or at least email me how it would have ended.

Also, I find it odd that I'm leaving the same please finish comments as someone else today.
14  Tempted posted on Jul 3, 2003
Oh for the love of all that is good and holy (and bad and evil) please finish this story. It is too good not to be completed. I am totally hooked. I don't need a happily ever after, but I need an ending...please. Thank You.
13  Andrea posted on Jun 25, 2003
Gimme more! Gimme more! I'm looking forward to the next update! I like the Spike/Willow friendship, Anya's lecture to Buffy and the other scoobies about how they've treated her, the writing style, Spike and Willow's mutual struggle to confront the evilness of their past histories, and how true-to-character everyone is. Good work; please keep it coming!
12  ilpopi posted on Jun 12, 2003
I love this story, but it's been awhile since it was last updated. I hope you are still writing it.
11  Sister Cuervo posted on Mar 25, 2003
I'm so glad to see a new chapter. Thisis so excellent and well-written with so many lovely tie-ins. Morrison! Spike's pre-punk look is just like I imagined it. Also, loved Lila & Gavin. You guys are marvelous.
10  MJ posted on Mar 23, 2003
wow this is a totally cool fic. please keep writing. I laught I cryed. I really felt for Spike. Can't wait to read the rest. Good work!
9  suzy posted on Mar 22, 2003
Would you please email me when this fic is completed? I'm limiting the number of WIPs I read now. But I've heard wonderful things about this one. So please let me know when it's finished, I'd love to know and will of course review then.
8  Circe posted on Mar 22, 2003 |
The level of emotional ummph you pack into this story just boggles my mind given it's complexity.

My heart is bleeding for Spike right now. Please update soon. I just read this fic all in one go and I am panting for more.

Please! More! Soon!
7  Julia posted on Mar 22, 2003
OMG! I love this ficcie sooo much! THank you thank you thank you for keeping it going! I really liked the twist on William's job- hadn't thought of that one before. I just can't wait for the next part!
6  Evil Manic Laugh posted on Mar 22, 2003
Amazing!!! Write more ASAP. I love the concept of Spike being a priest. I have to add also that the idea of Gabriel being 'Ralph Fiennesey' makes him a lot harder to hate LOL.
5  Carol posted on Mar 22, 2003
You read my mind! In my imagination, William studied theology and literature at university. Great minds think alike.

I love the plot twist and I'm all for religion and Spike mixing.

Anxiously awaiting more...
4  P. B. Shelley posted on Dec 17, 2002

This is one brilliant piece. The authors most certainly have a way with words and a subtle and profound way of handling the characters.The plot is tremendously interesting and I can't wait to read more.
3  PixenVixen posted on Dec 12, 2002
Sigh...this certainly is "Kick the Spike Week," isn't it? What with all the Spike getting tortured on the telly, and an overwhelming majority of the updated chapters for fanfics being about Spike getting hit, kicked, starved, electrocuted, cursed, drained and paralyzed...aww, poor baby!
2  Chelsea posted on Dec 4, 2002
I loved it!! I can't wait for you to write more!! I checked your website but it didn't have When Darkness Falls.Please write more soon.I have been reading this fic since you started it and have been dying for an update for months.Please update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
1  spikesevilsoul666 posted on Nov 30, 2002
Very good story. Very true to character. I don't really like the Wesleyand Lilah involvement (I'm not a fan of Angel) but I'll keep reading anyway. Good work pets. Two fangs up!

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