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7  GreatDju posted on Feb 27, 2007
Well, it gives some ideas...
6  Court posted on Oct 27, 2005
i only wish it had a happy ending
5  Jessi posted on Aug 9, 2005
Ok, this was a totally good story but it just makes me hate Buffy more. On top of the whole abusive girlfriend thing she had going on this whole season, it's like...ok...I'm so mad at you because I thought it'd be fun to threaten your life during sex and you didn't like're so mean to me, don't touch me...hate your story :)
4  Tasha posted on Jun 23, 2005
Very good, I loved it. & I promise to be safe & have fun ~wink & grin~
3  Abby posted on Oct 19, 2003 |
Nice, I love reading fics about what happens during time intervals.
2  coco posted on May 28, 2003
Thanks for sdding that little sumin' sumin' to one of my favorite buffy spike episodes. I love them even more when I see them at their lowest.
1  Kat posted on Apr 1, 2003
Cool story.. Those two are so full of issues.. I love how at the end you wrote the little candle bit.. Aren't you the little helpful author..

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