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87  Clara posted on May 25, 2013
It looks like Journeys will never be finished, but just in case it is even a remote possibility - PLEASE post draft chapters, summary, whatever. Even in draft form this is such terrific writing. I can't stick with most fics and this one just blew me away. None of season 6 really played out the potential for character growth created in 5, and you've done that in just the way I have always craved when watching the later seasons of Buffy. Anyway, even unfinished thank you for creating this alternate version - that rings more true to me, really - of Buffy/Spike.
86  Ann posted on Apr 4, 2013
I guess this is not going to be finished, too bad it's a great series
85  Sam posted on Oct 13, 2011
OMG!! I have just finished reading thru Journeys for the first time after having stumbled across it and am blown away! Everything I had wanted to write and/or have happen in this verse that didn't. I am awed at your grasp of this verse and it's characters. Totally spot on. Absolutely one of the best reads I have ever come across. Please tell me your not dead or on permanent hiatus with this story as I think I might just pull a Spike and go all skeletony and withdraw. This is a story, a PAIRING, that deserves a complete and hopefully happy finish. I will do the dance of the inspired muse (or the skanky, chest-augmented, nekkid witch) if it will help u finish!!
84  Emma posted on Apr 15, 2011
I hold myself completely responsible for this. I didn't realise the story was unfinished when I began reading...and now I've gotten to the 'end' I really need closure!
Are you planning on finishing? Or have you finished and posted the ending on a different site?
Reading the author notes alongside the chapters - you mentioned that a few people had mentioned that they felt the story was getting stale. On the contrary, I followed it, pretty much hooked throughout the entirety of it.
And also - to achieve all that without a beta? Well done. I found very little worthy of change (in my humble opinion).
Whilst I don’t agree with the manner in which some people have reviewed this – “it really pisses me off when people don't finish what they start” etc... I share a similar sentiment, but with kinder words.
It would be great to know IF you did finish the story, or if you didn’t...if you had just lost passion for it; or that you felt that you couldn’t do the two previous chapters justice. You know, for reader’s closure.
I’m sure it is not the case – as writing is something that is very personal, and authors always seem to put their heart and soul into their work. But it could be construed that as this trilogy has been left update-less for such a long time (3 years maybe?) that it has just been abandoned.
Either way – I enjoyed reading, and really would’ve enjoyed reading an ending. If you have one, I hope you’ll share it. If you’re working on one, I hope you find your inspiration. And if you’ve decided to give-up on it – I hope you’ll let people know, so we can give-up hoping (or, convince you to carry on :P )
Thanks :)
83  Jamie posted on Apr 16, 2008
Did you ever finish this? Is the rest of the story posted somewhere else perhaps? It seems like such a waste to put so many years and so much work into an amazing story only to leave everything so unresolved. what a shame if that's the case.
82  Julia posted on Jan 17, 2008
I loved your trilogy, but it really pisses me off when people don't finish what they start. nuf said
81  spinx posted on Dec 25, 2006
That was always something I kept thinking about- why the hell was/is Spike so afraid of Angel?

Is he really stronger than him?

On another note.....spike loves Angel and vice versa..........that is really gross.....REALLY gross!!

I think this is the breaking point for me. I can really take alot, and i loved your story to pieces, but this is too much.
80  Avalon (spain) posted on Oct 18, 2006
Awesome. Loved it. Completely without words to describr how this has hooked me.

79  karla posted on Aug 5, 2006 | ==
Please write more, this story deserves an end, I love it, all of it, all the trilogy.

Please update soon.

78  Heather posted on Jun 19, 2006
I read the whole trilogy over the weekend and this story is just phenomenal. The writing and innate ability to "hear" the characters is fantastic. I am harsh on fic for the most part, but this derserves alot of praise. Just wonderful.

PS - it also derserves and ending...LOL
77  Steven posted on May 27, 2006
It took me around a month to read it all. Not a single second was wasted. The desperation,hopelessness,angst,hope and true love was flawlessly written. I will keep an eye out for more of this story or any others you have out there. This is truly one of the best Spuffy fanfics out there. Please keep up the excellent work.
76  kimberly posted on Mar 3, 2006
You are a truly great and gifted emotional writer and I am begging and pleading for you to update this. Of course, take your time...I am a full time working single mom and know what life can be like. I will not lose hope that you will update and send more of your beautiful words out to us Spuffy fans galore!!!
75  Karin posted on Feb 5, 2006
You are a fantastic writer; I am amazed at your skill in developing these characters and making them so real. Please continue to write...I can't help it! I WANT MORE!!!
74  Lisa posted on Jan 30, 2006
Still loving this story every time I reread it. It's a shame that so many talented authors leave their stories never finished. However, I am trying hard to respect your decision to not finish the story/not update often. I just wanted you to know that what you have written is a beautiful account of incredibly true love and I want to thank you for sharing a part of yourself with the spuffy community through your words. And, I will never lose hope that you (or Lynx with "secrets and Lies") will update once more.
73  saphire posted on Jan 4, 2006
Hey this is a great story!!! YEAH!
Let's get to the real theme with these great characters.
I wish the series had gone this way it would have been awesome to watch guess I will just have to think about it and use my imagination
BUT I really hope you can finish it someday.
I remember reading the beginning of the story a few years ago and being really impressed Glad I picked it up again to read more on this great storyline.
72  j posted on Dec 12, 2005
I wonder if this is something you'll come back to? I've read it all this past week and it's really great. Is there a conclusion in sight or has it been dropped?
71  Esther posted on Sep 5, 2005
AHHHHHH! This is beyond awesome. Even with the incomprehensible notes and little reminders to yourself peppered over the third installment, my gods, I couldn't stop reading for a second. Your characterizations are true to the characters while allowing them to grow and change into truly intriguing and unique personalities. I love the Journeys series, and if you finish, I will pay homage for the rest of my life. Which I will end up doing anyways, but . . . even MORE homage. :)
70  Karina posted on Sep 5, 2005
I almost cried when I found out that this story wasn´t finished. I Can see that you haven´t posted anything for a long time but I really hope that you´re still writing and will be posting the rest of the story soon. It would be a real drama if you didn´t, worse even than when Angel was cancelled I might add, because your story is much, much better. Please. Please, finish the story. I have read a lot of Spuffy fanfic and this is the best until now by far. Maybe you don´t have time. I know how it is but a hope you will at least write and give us some hope not having stopped completely with the story? Please!!!!
69  Pam S. posted on Aug 19, 2005
Still checking Mary, to see if you have posted any updates. Waiting to see how Spike story ends.
68  Nina posted on May 30, 2005
Oh. My. God. This is the best story I've read so far. Really. I couldn't stop reading, read the entire thing in two days, before school, while I was eating, couldn't stop! It was really, crazy. Just as addicting as the tv-show was for me. But you surely made season 6 a hell of a lot better :) What I love most about this fic is how you let the realtionships grow, and not rushing into things. I think the whole story felt so natural, but at the same time burning with passion. So please! Please keep up the good work! You are an amazing writer! I can wait, but please continue!
67  Caroline posted on May 27, 2005
I'm following your story with the same passion I felt when I started one year and a half ago. I don't mind waiting , I don't mind the draft version , all I want is to discover your take on the events in season 6 , according to your gorgeous imagination.
So don't worry , still there.
66  Coquine posted on May 2, 2005
Mary--you just made me squee! So glad to hear from you...even though you actually posted two months ago, I'm just kinda slow...still, so very happy that you are still out there. I think I speak for a great many fans of yours when I say that I don't care how long it takes, just as long as I get to read the rest of what you have of Journeys. It is still the best story I've ever read, and you're still my favorite author, and I doubt that will ever change.
65  CEWCEW posted on Apr 19, 2005
nOW THIS IS A STORY!!!! Ive been reading composivly for the last few days... I shall be waiting for more, Even in draft form your skills are grand.
64  CEWCEW posted on Apr 19, 2005
nOW THIS IS A STORY!!!! Ive been reading composivly for the last few days... I shall be waiting for more, Even in draft form your skills are grand.
63  Lena posted on Apr 13, 2005
I love Journeys. I'm addicted. Thank you for finding the time amidst your life to update. I appreciate it.
62  Viola posted on Mar 12, 2005
Whatever time you need, we know it will be worth it!!!
61  Pam posted on Mar 10, 2005
To Mary and Laura-Good to know. Wanting to read the end of Spike's story. Worth the wait.
60  Laura posted on Mar 7, 2005 |
Mary--wonderful to hear from you! I was worried you were MIA for good this time. Of course, I will definitely post it here. :)
59  Mary posted on Mar 7, 2005
And I spent all day yesterday working on Journeys! I know! I was shocked, too!!

I'd like to clean up the rest of what I have written, and post it all at once - still in draft form - but at least letting those who are still interested know what the heck happened in my version of seasons 6 & 7.

When I finally get it ready, I hope Laura will be kind enough to post it here, where I've gotten so much wonderful feedback! :-)

My time is very limited, so it will probably still be awhile before it's available, but it WILL happen.

58  Laura posted on Mar 7, 2005 |
To clarify: this site is NOT going to disappear.

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