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6  abby posted on Jul 5, 2009
oh man what i wouldn't do to read this as a long story... bloody amazing! *thumbs up*
5  me posted on Aug 3, 2006
4  JM posted on Nov 5, 2005
You have a beautiful way of writing Spike and Dawn - so much emotion in so few sentences. I can't help but wish you wrote 13,000 word stories featuring the two, so that I could get lost in them. A purely selfish reason, but there you are. Beautiful, beautiful images, and the clearest of characterizations/dialogue.
3  ceec posted on Jul 26, 2004
(sniffle.) Oh that's good.
2  Xaara posted on Jun 30, 2004
Short, beautiful, and utterly convincing. I loved the Spike/Dawn dynamic and the use of tactile imagery throughout. Nice pensive piece - thank you for sharing this.
1  Estepheia posted on Jun 30, 2004
Great imagery. Lovely language. Lean structure. Good job.

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