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15  fromthecrypt posted on Jan 25, 2008
Amazing story, please update soon, the suspense is killing me!!!!
14  Spuffyholic posted on Sep 22, 2007
update soon pleez
i want to know..does Buffy get there in time? Do Angel and Spike fight? Does Julie die? Will Buffy admit that she loves Spike? the suspence is killing me
13  Ms Tink posted on Jun 7, 2007
Please update soon, i really want to know what happens!
12  huh? posted on Jan 28, 2006
You can't be serious!? This is where it ends?
Awesome story, by the way:)
11  DarkFaith posted on Aug 19, 2003
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Please finish the story!!!! You must not stop now!!!
10  HappyMeal posted on Jun 19, 2003
Moose! Are you *trying* to torture us? We want more, I tell you, more!
9  Zyrya posted on May 10, 2003
You aren't going to finish it, are you? You're just going to leave us here, swinging in the wind. You bastard! *shakes fist at the heavens* Get back here! Write more!
8  Alegna posted on Mar 10, 2003
Please, please, don't let me hang out. I'm waiting for you. WRITE soon.
7  Lilith posted on Jan 17, 2003
Ooooooh, devil in hell, i CANNOT wait! Oh please,you're so cruel stopping the story just here, write! I command thee, WRITE! Pleeeaaahhhseeee..... (collapsing in a nice spasming heap from withdrawal symptom)
6  Nos posted on Dec 30, 2002 |
You know how cruel you are? And you know we love it right? As long as you update soon. Loved the chapter, like always.
5  writteninstars posted on Dec 26, 2002
Damn it, damn it, damn it. ;-) You are truly wicked to leave us hanging like this. I love the way you wrote the Buffy and Angel catch-up scene and how she called Angel on his arrogance and inability to love w/o the soul thing. Really how it should have gone if they had met up again.

More soon, k?
4  Roquelaure posted on Dec 25, 2002
Just read Chap 10. Oooh. What an evil part to leave off. Evil, evil... where's your holiday spirit? :)
3  Michèle posted on Dec 14, 2002
I just read chapter 9. Please please, keep the chapters coming. You are one of my favorite writer. And your Fred is dead on. When she tells the story about the blue fruits, I could see her and hear her in my mind. It doesn't happen so often. Only great writers can achieve that. Thanks!
2  Nos posted on Dec 9, 2002 |
I have been waiting for this to be updated for ages. I am soooo in love with this fic. Another wonderful chapter. More soon, yes?
1  ali posted on Oct 6, 2002
are u going to be posting over here now exclusively now that is banning NC17? I am aboslutely in love with thi story. Please continue it!

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