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5  dodyskin posted on Jul 3, 2004
Gah. Loved this, the word-simple drabble format telling a complex story in these flashes of loveliness. Killer last line, and don't ever change the title. :)
4  Shadowscast posted on May 28, 2004
Yeah, it could be like that between them. Cool.
3  Gazebo posted on May 20, 2004
I'd call this "Days in the Lives of Angel and Spike". It's very, very good. I can see Angel and Spike having this love/hate angsty love affair. I just love drabbles!
2  Ditto posted on May 20, 2004
Wonderful. Dxxoo
1  natsing posted on May 20, 2004
Wow, really powerful, the relationship you beuild between Spike and Angel is totally believable, and the ending is bittersweet. Loved it

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