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9  scymnus posted on Jun 20, 2006 |
I'm totally in love with this fic. It's funny and cute. Great job!

8  flippykitten posted on Sep 12, 2004
That had me literally laughing out loud. I loved the not-so-epic, epic battle.
7  Yasia posted on Aug 4, 2004
Fantastic work! Both hilariuos and staying true to the characters of both vamps. Bravo :)))!
6  Shadowscast posted on May 27, 2004
Fantastic and hilarious! The button nipples and the altered tattoo were perfect details. The dynamic between Angel and Spike here feels authentic.
5  Jess Marie posted on May 26, 2004
Ok, Soooooo hilarious. Had me laughing out loud through the whole thing. Agree with everything ceec said. This is just really good. Filled with perfect little details.
4  ceec posted on May 26, 2004
Hilarious! (And kinda sweet, which is the last thing I'd expect of those two.) Spike's final comment is, of course, so perfectly him. I really liked details like PuppetAngel's velcro eyebrows detaching, the reinvented tattoo, and those ridiculous button nipples! The character interaction feels just right too: Angel being forced to accept his temporary dependence on Spike, and Spike's barely-contained giddiness at the rarity of such an event. Interesting that in his heart, Angel knows that Spike was the better man (vampire) for saving him from Van Helsing's trap when Angel(us) himself would have abandoned Spike if their positions were reversed.
3  SunnyD_Lite posted on May 25, 2004
Nice interaction, Spike with a good blend of pracicallity and sexual innuendo. Lovely piece.
2  Brunettepet posted on May 25, 2004
That was brilliant. "Wee little puppet nipples." I was laughing out loud. The mental image that they were buttons...okay, more laughing. Really nice style. Not a wasted word.
1  Ditto posted on May 25, 2004
Lmao. Excellent. Dxxoo

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