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12  Lady Tragic posted on Mar 19, 2009
""Because they're pretty, duh." She's putting her make-up back on, after her cry. "And because no-one believes in them either.""

Awwwww. I like Harm, essentially harmless vamp that she is.
11  Miss Murchison posted on Jul 14, 2004 |
Thanks for this fic. Spike's reasons for staying away from Buffy seem more real here, and that non-relationship with Harmony is perfectly in-character but still touching.
10  Brenda posted on May 7, 2004
You've captured them so perfectly, this made me sad, for Harmony as well as Spike. Short stories rarely affect me so strongly. Very well done.
9  Brunettepet posted on May 4, 2004
Wonderful Harmony in voice and action. Your Spike's fantasies of Buffy and his reasons for staying away from her were clear and in character. Poignant and lovely, thanks.
8  Michelle posted on May 2, 2004
Poignant and in-character. You've got Harmony down. Well done.
7  evilawyer posted on May 1, 2004
Very sweet. You've shown them as both very mature and ready to deal with everything life/unlife has put on them.
6  lena posted on May 1, 2004
thank you. i liked the story. good harmony writing.
5  Stacey posted on Apr 29, 2004
That was very well written, I love the layout and the story idea in general. It was uplifting and depressing all in the same moment.
4  Jess Marie posted on Apr 29, 2004
"Spike's always thought that if he could imagine something, it could be done. He wants the happy ending, but can't imagine it."

I think, in this line, you caught Spike's reasoning for not going back to Buffy far better than anything that was said on the show. And better than anything I could have imagined, actually. That one quote gives a plausible reason for the only thing that could ever make Spike give up on something.
3  alyssa posted on Apr 29, 2004 |
loved the two little x's at the end.
2  Zyrya posted on Apr 28, 2004
I was moved by this. Poor Spike, poor Harm, poor Sunnydale HS class of '99.
1  gazebo posted on Apr 28, 2004
Funny, erotic, poignant!

Well done, Indri!

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