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15  Vicki posted on Dec 23, 2007
I read this story a long time ago and just re-read it. I can't believe i didn't post a review the first time so I'll do it now, even though, as was said before, most of these sites are just not updating. but i'm grateful that these sites are still operational at all. Anyway - this was such a well written story and deep. I admit thought to not completely understanding the ending. In relation to the title, i wondered if Spike didn't kill Buffy at that point. Probably not the case, but this story was almost beyond my understanding. That just means I'm a poor interpreter. An unusual, sort of dark (to me)dream-like epic fiction in a compact form. Wonderfully written; thanks for sharing.
14  Jennifer posted on Jun 6, 2005
I know you guys might not read this anymore, since every major fanfic website I know have practically stopped updating last year.
I still have an undying heart for BTVS and love for Spike, and I would like to thank you for providing such an abstruce story, just like it was out from the show itself.
It tore at me at raw and emotional parts, nothing like the smut or shippers fanfic, so, thank you, even if you won't get to read this :)
13  Shadowscast posted on May 31, 2004
Wow, I completely loved this.
12  ruthie posted on May 22, 2004
wonderful storytelling, you have an innante gift that can't be taught, it's a connection, an understanding an empthay. Consider, though, as you develop your writers voice that you know the whole story it is there in your head but we don't--so what goes on paper is all we get. I got lost sometimes as to what was happening and had to go back and reread. No biggie, but because you are so good, connecting the dots a little better idea to idea will just make you better. Unless you want to go avant garde. In which case you could chop it up even more so the style is consistant and we can see the lack of info is a writers choice. Please, please keep writing. Very good.
11  soundingsea posted on May 2, 2004
Their interplay, their uncertainties, all the love and pain between them - this is classic Spike/Buffy. Fantastic stuff.
10  Shani posted on May 2, 2004
"Angelus called himself Angel, but Spike was Spike was Spike"

Just one of the many tiny moments in this that make it so wonderful.
9  amerella posted on May 1, 2004
Thanks to you all for the reviews. I'm so glad to hear that you all read and enjoyed it.

kate - I wasn't aware of the innit/int confusion; I think, like aint, it must be commonly misused, and therefore is maybe acceptable, speech-wise? But don't feel petty! I must thank-you for teaching me something new. ;)

Marianne - I'm not thinking of continuing the theme, but I thank you for the interest.

ascian - you made me blush!
8  ascian posted on May 1, 2004
I'm only part way through, but I wanted to do this now in case I don't have a chance later.

'Cause, dude. Dude. This should be hung from banners and paraded on Sundays. It's giving me chills, it's that good. It hurts and tears and scrubs things raw, not because of the hurt but because of the hope.

You should be proud.
7  kate posted on Apr 30, 2004
Hi - i loved this story, and i feel really petty bringing this up but it niggled me. It's just a point about Spike's slang - a couple of times you use 'innit' as though it means 'isn't' - it actually means 'isn't it'. 'int' means 'isn't' (kind of like 'ain't', i suppose). and i'm sorry - like i said, it's a really petty point to make about a great story.
6  Mandi posted on Apr 29, 2004 |
Wonderful story. You captured the emotions perfectly.
5  Marianne posted on Apr 28, 2004
I really liked this story. You managed to capture the confusion and doubts of Spike and Buffy really well. Congratulations. Are you thinking of continuing this theme?
4  Lisa posted on Apr 27, 2004
Amazing. It's been such a long time since I've had the chance to sit down and read interesting, emotional, well-written fanfiction, and your story was a welcome reminder. I look forward to seeing more of your work.
3  morgain posted on Apr 27, 2004
Your stories always tear at my heart in terrible beautiful ways. This one is no exception. Magnificent.
2  skylar_ posted on Apr 27, 2004
Absolutely loved this story. Touching and unique and a perfect voice. Thank you for sharing it.
1  Andrea posted on Apr 27, 2004
Great story.

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