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26  lani posted on Apr 28, 2012
So very sweet -- you've done a great job bringing them together. I'm not sure I agree it's a full MPD thing with Spike -- we all have different aspects of our personalities pulling us in different directions (or sometimes the same direction for different reasons)... but Spike may experience that more intensely than some of the rest of us. Nice job showing the conflict!
25  Karen posted on Dec 21, 2008
Very effective and touching story! Well crafted and beautifully written. Spike and Tara -- such different personalities -- really do make a lovely and interesting couple. Loved how Tara grew in self-confidence. Thanks for writing, and I'll search for more of your work.
24  Taylor posted on Apr 16, 2007
Great story.I love Spike/Tara.My favorite line that had me ROTFLMAO because it was so Spike was this...
"This is so nice!" she announced in a voice neither Tara nor anyone else within four or five noisy aisles could help hearing. "It's very exciting, isn't it?"

"Don't get out a lot, do you, lady?" drawled Spike.

23  Debi posted on Jan 30, 2007
I think you already know this story is bloody brilliant, but I thought I'd tell you again, and I loved the pairing. Actually I loved everything about it. Kudos!
22  Colditz posted on Oct 24, 2005 | erm... not yet
This is a fabulously well written piece of work, which pulled me in completely. I could picture clearly the 'Two dollar whores' at the dance recital. I agree with the other reviewers that Spike's 3 voices was a well thought out and intelligent way of revealing his inner turmoil. I liked the Spike/Tara pairing, and think tara's pragmatism makes an excellent foil to Spike's impetuosity.

I hope to find more of your fiction, as you seem to write really well.
21  Robin posted on Jul 18, 2005
Great story.I have a soft spot for Tara/Spike.Plus add to the fact that Dawn was with them made it a sweet family affair.But the best was the fact that Spike went to Dawn's recital lol The Big Bad will do anything for Dawn lol
20  Cass posted on Dec 8, 2004
I had just gotten over my spike crush, then I see a new spike/Tara fic had been written. I am now holding you personally responsible for yet another spikeobsession. Damn it. :)
Like others have said, not enough spike/tara stuff has been written. She's pretty much the only woman on that show besides Faith that has any brains, Spike as well, is the only male that has any brains. (maybe besides Giles but that's another thing altogether)
I hope to read more from you, esp if it's a continuation of this fic.
19  * posted on Nov 20, 2004
Wow! I've never read a Spike/Tara ship story before just 'cause it seemed so implausible - so far I've read only part one but I am very impressed! You're making me want them together - without rupturing the characters' identities! good stuff!
18  Eric posted on Nov 2, 2004
truely excellent story please write more about this couple,
17  Melissa posted on Jun 19, 2004
I never ever once considered Spike and Tara together, but after reading this I realize what a lovely couple they would make (considering that they arent real people). All the same though, it was a beautiful story about how two completely different people who seemed totally unlikely became so likely, I almost forgot for a second that it wasnt real.
16  LC posted on May 26, 2004
This is a really lovely piece, great characterization of Dawn, she seems to be a character that writers rarely do well. There's not nearly enough S/T out there, but this is a lovely addition to that pairing.
15  Spike posted on May 24, 2004
this was an amazing read,please tell me there'll be more.
14  ~G posted on May 17, 2004
Terrific story. Loved the characterization and the tender care you took with the characters. There's a lot of good fanfic and a lot of crap, but a memorable and well-crafted piece is hard to find. Glad I found this.

13  Miss B posted on May 12, 2004
I have been drifting away from the Buffy fandom lately, but stories like this remind me of why I fell in love with it to begin with. I laughed when I saw the Xena reference - I remembered that in Chiaroscuro. I loved the friendship in that story, it was great to see it turned in to romance in this story. Thanks.
12  natsing posted on May 12, 2004
Wonderful characterisation, excellent writing style, and incredibly romantic- what else can I say- loved it!
11  LW posted on May 11, 2004 |
10  mary beth posted on May 9, 2004
Sexy and emotional read. I like reading Dawn's pov instead of Buffy's and being able to see Buffy as a problem instead of the good guy.
9  ainokitsune posted on May 9, 2004
Holy cow! A Yehuda Amichai reference! Wow! I'm shocked to see this in anyone's story but my own. :)

Nicely done so far--the use of alternate voices for Spike is a little unusual (I get the sense that there was a 4th self, the 'real' Spike, who doesn't speak, but that probably isn't actually the cae ^^') but I'm enjoying the read and can't wait to finish it up. And, well, it's spiffy. :) I admit to adoring Spike/Tara because they're always so homey and always include Dawn. So, I like this a lot, as it has all those elements. And Amichai's poetry. Whee!
8  yvonne posted on May 8, 2004
This story is easily the most beautiful Tara/Spike story I have read. I enjoyed every interaction between Tara, Spike and Dawn, in particular the scene where Tara lets the cat out of the bag. Thank you for sharing your vision with me.
7  morgain posted on May 7, 2004
A unique approach to Spike' s internal struggles... I loved the 3 voices... almost like Spike's own personal Greek chorus.

A very touching tale. I usually find Tara / Spike stories forced because of her established sexual orientation, but this flowed naturally and lovingly.

It is what he deserves.
6  Soleil posted on May 7, 2004
Beautiful. I read the first three parts a while back, and the remainder just now. You've managed to convince this diehard Spuffy shipper of how ideal Spike and Tara are for one another. With simple and elegant writing, you pinned the complex dynamics of their individual characters and their relationship perfectly. Brava!
5  lena posted on May 7, 2004
Wonderfull. I'm supposed to be at the beach now, but I kept putting it off again and again to finigh the story. now, i'm going to run off, but not before saying that you for writing such an engaging work.
4  Marianne posted on May 6, 2004
You managed the almost impossible - made Tara and Spike fall in love entirely convincingly - and made me love the pairing! I am usually a hard & fast (no pun intended)B&S shipper. A wonderfully tender and real story. Thanks.
3  kimbo posted on May 6, 2004
that was so beautifully written that i have tears in my eyes :) that was one of the best spike and tara fics i've read! i loved it...great writing
2  Zyrya posted on May 5, 2004
I read this story over and over ... one of my favourite stories for my favourite 'ship. The Spike and Tara characterisations are rich and authentic, the way they come together is credible, and I love the way the other characters are used ... especially Dawn. Thank you!
1  Nan posted on May 5, 2004 |
I've not read anything before that used the different voices of Spike's selves, but it rings true. Too often, he's divided againist himself, at war with himself; the one that can bring him together will hold his heart, be that Buffy or another. This tale persuades me it could have been Tara.... Very well wrought.

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