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8  Houla posted on Nov 2, 2006
Great job!Top-notch characterization!
7  Christie posted on Jan 15, 2005 |
Wonderful! The characterisations in this fic were perfect, you had Cordelia and Spike down so well that I could actually almost hear them talking.

Awesome, awesome fic. Any chance we could hit you up for some more Spike/Cordelia stuff? I could pay! ;) Thanks for sharking! :)
6  Zyrya posted on Feb 28, 2004
Such perfect characterisations, and beautifully balanced between each character and between action and dialogue.
5  Lynne C. posted on Feb 26, 2004 |
It sounds like I'm just piling on with the rest of your reviews, but I loved the voices, especially's all cool to see him with the cool and the suit and the Gilbert & Sullivan and all, but I miss street boy just a bit, too. And you did bring him back for me.

This is a nifty little vignette. Thanks for sharing!
4  fenwic posted on Feb 25, 2004
Oh! Definitely one of my favoritest htt fics evah! Love old-school Cordy. And old-school Gunn. The whole gang. Who'da thunk you'd deliver an AtS fic without the A and with the Spike :) Fabulous voices, especially Gunn. Thanks for a fun and fabulous fic, Chica!
3  LW posted on Feb 25, 2004
How refreshing to see non-lawyer Gunn. I loved him so much more as a kid off the streets, and you've captured his "voice" wonderfully in this story. And now that I've already reviewed this story having only read the first three paragraphs, I do believe I'll finish the rest now. :D
2  soundingsea posted on Feb 25, 2004 |
Very enjoyable! Cordy is great for bringing Spike out of a funk. Fun read.
1  Estepheia posted on Feb 25, 2004
Love this. Perfect voices, wonderful banter. Thoroughly entertaining, with a few sad notes to make it even better. Very ME.

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