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9  fedds posted on Mar 25, 2012
That was incredibly depressing in a lame way. Keep trying.
8  Sora posted on Mar 7, 2012
I personally think this is idiotic.
7  Kasha posted on Mar 7, 2006
Made me all weepy and trying to reach for a black nail polish-cool
6  Tasha posted on Jun 23, 2005
Good god that was utterly pathetic but... in a funny way.
5  sister cuervo posted on Feb 29, 2004
Now, that's entertaiment. Love parodies and this one is excellent. Brave, brave brave Sir Gelert.
4  Zyrya posted on Feb 28, 2004
That's hysterical, and I love Fairy Tara and Weepy Spike.
3  Lady Wenham posted on Feb 24, 2004 |
Best song fic I've ever read. :D Too funny.
2  Lemontea posted on Feb 24, 2004
That was hilarious! You rule!
1  Estepheia posted on Feb 24, 2004
LOL. This is both dreadful and funny. A fun parody. :)
You really managed to hit lots of my favorite pet peeves on the nail. Loved Tara's new job. 'It's traditional' - *giggle.*

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