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3  Andrea posted on May 30, 2004
I wish ME had given us more moments like this one on the screen. I think a Spike/Fred friendship had real potential.

Usually I feel miffed at ME for not giving Spike anyone who really *listens* to Spike. It was only now, as I read your story, that I realized that ME *also* didn't really give Spike anyone who *talked* to him. Buffy doesn't count. Season 6 Buffy just wanted to whisper things into a dead man's ear (to borrow a phrase from the song episode) that she was afraid to tell her friends. None of the scoobies or the Angel gang (except maybe Buffy, just a little bit, in Season 7 -- remember "the Killer in Me" when she delights in having all the potentials out of her hair for a few hours?) ever really chattered away at him for the sake of having a real person (not a conveniently "dead and therefore not real" listener) hear the thoughts bouncing around in their head.

Am I making any sense here at all? I feel like I'm blathering a bit.

Anyway: I liked the story, thanks for sharing!
2  Estepheia posted on Mar 27, 2004
Lovely. :-)
1  SunnyD_lite posted on Mar 26, 2004
I can so see this happening. Giving Spike a connection lovely!

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