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3  caia posted on Feb 20, 2004 |
Thank you both, I'm pleased you found SB affecting.

Estepheia, I'm glad the story overcame any... polemical opinions of my own that may have come through in Spike's ruminations. This fic came about because I wanted to have Spike react to Tara's death, but then realized I'd have to address their (lack of) interactions onscreen. And I realized how much the Scoobie "in-laws" had in common, in how they fell in and out of favor according to their relationship status. The show's perspective was usually the core Scooby one but I think it may have looked different from the outside.

2  hold_that_thought posted on Feb 18, 2004 |
This is absolutely lovely. Some really wonderful insights into the characters, and the ending made me sniffle. Lovely.
1  Estepheia posted on Feb 18, 2004
I am not a great fan of purely introspective pieces and I don't like fics that have an agenda, but this was insightful and observant, and - since it made me sad - very effective. Thank you for sharing. Summed up like this the treatment of Spike seems even more unfair.
I liked your observation that for the Scoobies the motivating factor was their friendship - more than the good versus evil mission.

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