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27  Aoife posted on Jan 19, 2013
This was so funny. I enjoyed it immensely.
26  stacy posted on Nov 13, 2007
Very funny. I agree that a scene like that would have definitely lightened up season 7. Plus, lovely mental image!
25  Ditto posted on Nov 10, 2006
I lost the url and Shakatany found it for me so I read it again...still one of my favourites. Luv Ditto xxoo
24  Farah posted on Jul 7, 2006
Now why hadn't this happen on screen? LOL Really love it. All what season 7 needed was Fun!Spike, Xander-Spike interactions and Spike-Dawn recovering friendship. Plus more Xander.
23  Laura posted on Jun 24, 2006 |
caia--if it helps, the same poster went though and left feedback for a ton of Xander slash stories making the same accusations. I think it's someone with a chip on his/her shoulder. Just letting you know so that you don't feel unfairly singled out.

And uh, yeah, I didn't see anything wrong with your portrayal of Xander here. Of course he was uncomfortable; he's Xander.
22  caia posted on Jun 23, 2006
This is in response to A Nonny Mouse, who asked a question, but didn't leave an email so I could answer it. He/she wanted to know where I got off making Xander a homophobic bigot.

My short answer is, frankly, I don't think I did make Xander homophobic at all, let alone a bigot.

Xander reacted with shock and disgust to being kissed by Spike – as did Buffy, once upon a time. And yes, he did respond with dismay to being kissed by a male (and maybe liking it?), but I described his eventual reaction to Spike's come-ons as "panicked internalized homophobia." This means he was alarmed by his own attraction to a male, and I think it was consistent – insofar as this is a farcical situation – with his character. He didn't pick on Larry for being gay, but his reaction both during that conversation with him and afterwards speaking to Buffy was one that displayed extreme discomfort with the suggestion that he himself might be gay. He was frightened by it. That doesn't make him a bigot.

Many people who are not homophobic in either behavior or sentiments towards others nonetheless have deep-seated barriers to, or negative feelings toward, their own homosexual leanings. Even those of us (yes, us, bi here) who have accepted our sexual orientations often have feelings of inferiority because we've absorbed society's prejudices. (The same thing happens with racism and sexism.)

If Xander had been a bigot, in this fic, he wouldn't have merely had a tizzy at being kissed by a man. He would have reacted as bigoted males do towards men who challenge their sense of their own sexual identity – with rage, and possibly violence. Xander display neither.

If you've run across other stories where Xander is a bigot, then I can sympathize with your frustration with the theme, but I think you are misdirecting it in regards to my story at least.

I'd welcome other people's opinions on this, because this is the first time I've received any feedback indicating Xander was a homophobe in this story.
21  scymnus posted on Jun 20, 2006 |
Spike turned to the group with a beamish grin. "I hereby make him -- ," he pronounced with a swish and a wave of an imaginary wand, "gay!"
Bwahaaha! I love this!

20  A Nonny Mouse posted on Jun 3, 2006
Very cute, except for the part where you make Xander homophobic. I'm starting a campaign for realistic portrayal of his reaction to a male/male relationship. I'm fed up! Considering that vampires retain much of their human personailites *per canon fact*, they'd be the ones to be more likely to homophobic; many of them are decades to centuries old, and would have been born/raised/died in times less tolerant. Xander reacted with stunned surprise when Larry revealed his sexuality and the fact that he'd thought Xander was gay, so he beat him for years. But Xander didn't pick on him for it. He is well-known to make remarks about other men, often with a sexual content to it; plus, best friend...lesbian. How the *hell* do you get off making him a homophobic bigot?! I see this all the time and it doesn't make sense.
19  Donna posted on May 9, 2006
OMG this made me laugh so hard i cried and couldn't breath! i love it its been bookmarked and i sent it to all of my sisters they will love it too! please come up with another story along these line. not spike-Xander,but more like a very mischveous spike....thats the best kind right there...right next to a nekkid spike o.O
18 posted on Jan 20, 2006
Everybody seems to have forgotten that Xander's anguished cry of, "Spike lips! Lips... of Spike!" is the exact same thing that Buffy said after she came to her senses back in Season 4's "Something Blue". Perfection-total perfection. But if this had been in the series, it would have been forshadowing to a Xander-Spike relationship.
"Use of a sw-huh?"
17  robert posted on Aug 13, 2005
Very nice, how about a threesome between spike,xander, and giles. Or a bisexual orgy with buffy and her friends
16  ashley posted on May 18, 2005
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny !!!! i loved it
15  Anonymous666 posted on Apr 12, 2005
Simply Hilarious! I've been reading too many angsty fics and that was perfect thing to fix me up. It's hard to find good humor stories like this but you did a great job. Keep up the good work. ::huggles::
14  WillowRose posted on Nov 24, 2004
This was such a fun story!Xander shreiking "Spike lips!"was over the top.Loved it.
13  Elisabeth posted on Jul 19, 2004
This is one of my all-time favourite stories, especially since 'Power Play' aired and Spike said this: 'cause Angel and me have never been intimate. Except that one... ' which makes Buffy's comment even more hilarious, since it's actually canon! How did you know?
12  Andrea posted on May 29, 2004
Liked it ... and thank you for the scene with Dawn at the end. They really neglected the whole Spike/Dawn friendship on the screen in season 7 (and, really, in season 6 also) so it's nice to see it in fan fic.
11  Katy posted on May 22, 2004 |
PERFECT! This really should have been a scene in the episode. Sooo wonderful! Great job ;)
10  cherylynn posted on May 1, 2004
I really enjoy reading storys expanding on the scripts in fan fiction, clever!
9  Andrea posted on Feb 5, 2004
Love it, please tell me this isn't over yet? plese tell me there is Spuffy to come.
8  lena posted on Feb 3, 2004
lovely. and funny. thank you.
7  Lisa posted on Feb 3, 2004
Wonderfully hilarious. Nicely done ; )
6  Rashaka posted on Feb 3, 2004
Wonderful! And more...introspective than I expected. Good for you! Write more! :)
5  Jess Marie posted on Feb 3, 2004
Oh gosh, I would have killed (not literally, but almost) to see this play out on screen! Yay! This was hilarious, and still packed an emotional kick. Go you. *doffs cap*
4  Zyrya posted on Feb 3, 2004
Gorgeous! Witty and thoughtful, and just the right blend of humour and pathos.
3  mazza posted on Feb 3, 2004
It was brilliant. I'm still smiling, funny and poignant at same time. FAB!
2  DittoSpikette posted on Feb 3, 2004
Loved it. Luv Dxxoo
1  Tamara posted on Feb 3, 2004
This was THE scene that Xander saying Gay Me Up screamed for . Thank you for writing it. It made my face hurt from grinning.

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