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6  Charisse posted on Mar 19, 2011
Wonderful story! I like the way you've portrayed Tara, Willow, and their relationship. The best thing is that people are themselves, and complex, not single-emotion caricatures of themselves--e.g., Xander feels more than hate, Angel feels something other than just jealousy. Nicely done!
5  lovitar65 posted on Sep 14, 2007
I love this story and how everyone tries to help the one character who has always been left on his own to suffer. Wish the actual show had done some of this after Dead Things or Beneath You. This was a much more compassionate Buffy.
4  vicki posted on Apr 1, 2006 |
wow excellent story! that warren is so evil. another fanfic author had a story inspired by this one - she mentioned this story so i came by to read it. i must admit i was a tad worried right near the end - i thought maybe spike was gonna do some more killing - but thankfully, he didn't! and it was nice to xander and even angel being so caring toward spike. thanks for writing this one.
3  Everlyn posted on Nov 21, 2003 | none so far
wow i mean WOW this a very intelligent story and ever so sad.This is in fact the very first fanfic i have ever read. Its alittle late to be reading i know but oh well.
2  Atterb posted on Jul 22, 2003
Wonderful, intrigueing story. I, too, would have liked to see a bit more after Spike recovered, but still, a really great story. I especially liked the roles of Willow and Tara, and Xander's realization of his own stupidity regarding Spike was nice to see.
1  MJay posted on Mar 23, 2003
I really liked this story. I laught I cryed. I would love to see a sequal and know how Spike recovered. I'll definatly read it again. Please write more!

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